Hello everyone.

I have been used to dealing with snakes and other reptiles (lizards, lizards and turtles) since I was five. I have been keeping these wonderful and interesting animals, mainly venomous but also some non-venomous snakes, for over 50 years and know myself well with these and other reptiles (snakes, lizards and lizards). I worked as a zoo keeper in Switzerland taking care of the reptiles (snakes, lizards, lizards and turtles), including chimpanzees and predators (lions, tigers, pumas, jaguars and leopards).

In Switzerland, I have given venomous snake courses®, snake courses, snake fear seminars (phobias) and various kindergarten / school visits in Zurich and the surrounding area for people who are interested in snakes and want to buy them or who want to be safer with them, as well as given the police, fire brigade, customs and hygiene .

With various television appearances (SF2, TeleZüri, VOX, RTL), lectures in zoos at home and abroad and with children at school / kindergarten, I was able to gain many other positive experiences.

Godfather of a green tree python (Morelia viridis) in the Basel Zoo BS Switzerland as well as godfather of a Madagascar dog's-head snake (Sanzinia madagascariensis) in the Walter Zoo SG Switzerland.

At Zurich Cantonal Police and Zurich City Police in Switzerland, I am tasked with returning unwanted (broken or lost) visitors, such as snakes, spiders, etc., back to their rightful place.