Hello everyone, snakes and lizards are everywhere they come out on the street. So, when driving, be careful not to run over them if possible. So if you have a snake or lizard in your yard or home that needs to be removed, please give a professional snake catcher a call. I am a Snakecatcher in Deepwater & Baffle Creek and his area (Rosedale,Winfield, Lowmead, etc) if you see an injured reptiles call me. Email: snakecatcher@reptiles.de or Phone: 0434427747. Don't be shy just call we are aways ready to go. Our fees are $ 80-100 ($ 80 no success, $ 100 success). If for any reason I can't help but bring another local catcher to you.

If you have a picture of a snake you would like IDed you MUST include location with the post. The people listed below are the ONLY people authorized to ID on this page, they will put admin or auth ID after their comment so you can be certain of an accurate ID. Incorrect ID could be fatal. This rule is strictly enforced.
Please Email photos of deceased snakes in the comments of the Email.

NEVER attempt to catch, remove, relocate or kill a reptile yourself!!!!
It is against the law to interfere with all wildlife and remember, most bites occur when people are trying to interfere with or kill the snake.
The laws are there to protect you and the animals.