I'm a snake catcher for the Deepwater region. Professional and fast snake removal 24/7. Like the page and save the number ????

If you have a picture of a snake you would like IDed you MUST include location with the post. The people listed below are the ONLY people authorized to ID on this page, they will put admin or auth ID after their comment so you can be certain of an accurate ID. Incorrect ID could be fatal. This rule is strictly enforced.
Please post photos of deceased snakes in the comments of the post.

NOTE: (Catchers numbers are in pinned post) Photos for us to ID are welcome but please leave the identifications to the catchers (and few approved others). An incorrect ID could cause a fatality - ITS THAT SERIOUS!! If you are found doing this you will be removed. We take our safety seriously.
A FULL LIST OF GROUP RULES CAN BE FOUND IN THE PINNED POST, please familiarise yourself with them as a condition of being a member of this group. These rules are subject to change as necessary.This page is for residents of Deepwater and surrounding areas to access currently LICENSED catchers to remove and relocate problem snakes, pythons and lizards. Most are volunteers (unless specified). Volunteers are just that, we do not get paid and offer our services at our own out of pocket expenses. Please remember we all have families, jobs and commitments also, so sometimes it may take several calls to get someone available. Please be patient and courteous and if affordable, a small contribution to help cover fuel, training, relocations, and equipment costs is always appreciated and will allow us all to keep offering our help individually. NEVER attempt to catch, remove, relocate or kill a reptile yourself!!!! It is against the law to interfere with all wildlife and remember, most bites occur when people are trying to interfere with or kill the snake. The laws are there to protect you and the animals. The welfare of the snake is high on our priorities and much more is involved in catching and relocating to a suitable habitat than simply not getting bitten. Please leave it to those licensed and trained to do so.Catchers listed on this site accept no responsibility or liabilty for any information, advice etcetera given. This group is NOT a business and simply makes available the contact numbers for licensed catchers listed and is not responsible for their actions.