Collared whip snake Demansia torquata

Warning: Venomous

The collared whip snake is very slender, grey to brown in colour above with the head darker than the body. The head is marked with a narrow dark line across the front of the snout and between the nostrils. A pale rim exists around the eye and a dark streak curves back beneath it to form a distinct 'comma' shape. This snake lives in open forest (common on Castle Hill) and uses weak venom to capture skinks and geckos. Collared whip snakes grow up to 70 cm in length.

Demansia torquata, commonly known as collared whip snake, is an elapid found in Queensland, Australia. It is found in rainforest edges and other tropical woodland areas as well as in rocky habitat and environments on offshore islands. The holotype specimen was 586 mm long.