Dwarf crowned snake Cacophis krefftii

Warning: Venomous

The dwarf crowned snake is almost black above with a narrow cream band running across the nape towards the snout. Its scales are edged with dark grey and its belly is cream coloured. This species can be found in a variety of habitats under debris, stones and logs. It is generally nocturnal preying on small skinks and frogs. It is reluctant to bite when disturbed. It grows up to 35 cm.

Cacophis krefftii is a species of venomous elapid snake. The species is endemic to Australia


The specific name, krefftii, is in honor of German-born Australian naturalist Gerard Krefft

Common name

Common names for C. krefftii include dwarf crowned snake southern dwarf crowned snake and Krefft's dwarf snake

Geographic range

The geographic range of C. krefftii extends from the Central Coast of New South Wales to South-East Queensland