A snake? What to do?

As a rule, when calling a snake, people call the police or the fire brigade, which also makes sense. As a layman you should never take a risk and try to capture the snake yourself. The risk that it could be a poisonous snake that has escaped someone.

If someone escapes a snake out of a terrarium and you can not find it within a day, you are obliged to inform the police. With non-poisonous snakes, this is usually not a problem and you have to fear, except perhaps a check from the Veterinäramt, nothing. Whoever reports nothing makes himself punishable.

Indigenous animals are exposed to an optimal biotope. Found, non-native snakes I take home in quarantine and take care of them. The owner has three months to report and receives the animal for a cost contribution back. After the end of the three months there is no longer any claim and we are looking for a new home for the snake.

A few tips on how to proceed with an unwanted encounter with a snake:

First of all I would like to remind you that here in Australia we also have native snakes, both poisonous and nontoxic. Our native snakes are protected and can not be killed or taken home. If I go out for a rattling, I will, after an explanation of the affected ones, expose them to a suitable biotope.

If a snake is sighted in an apartment that does not belong there, (snakes can pass through the sewage pipes of the toilet system to another floor) please do not take any risk. If it is possible, a bucket or the like can be placed over it if it is on the ground. Otherwise close the window and door and call the police. If the space is large enough to stay close, it is an advantage for the snake catcher if you can tell him where the snake is. If you do not press them, a snake generally does not attack.

If a snake is found in a garage, barn or on the street, a children's playground or something similar, do not press and see that no one is near the danger area. It is important, after the police have been informed, to keep an eye on them. A bucket or a bag over it would be very good. A sack can serve the snake as a shelter so that it remains underneath. Do not take any risks and keep a good distance.