Hello everybody.

I have been used to dealing with snakes and other reptiles (lizards, armored snakes and turtles) since I was 5 years old. I also consider these wonderful and interesting animals, mainly poisonous but also some non-poisonous snakes, since more than 40 years and know me well with these and other reptiles (snakes, lizards and armor snakes). I worked as an animal keeper at the Walter Zoo Gossau SG, and I looked after the reptiles (snakes, porcupines, lizards and turtles), including chimpanzees and predators (lions, tigers, pumas, jaguars and leopards).
I also give kindergarten / school visits in Zurich and the surrounding area as well as a reptile emergency call.
I have been able to gain many more positive experiences with various television appearances (SF2, TeleZüri, VOX, RTL), lectures at zoos at home and abroad and with children at school / kindergarten visits.
At the cantonal police in Zurich and Zurich City Police, I am asked to return unintended (lost or lost) visitors, such as snakes, spiders, etc., to your rightful place.
My job is now police security assistant in Meilen ZH and I care my reptiles only hobbies.

I would also like to answer your questions about snakes. "Attention" only emails.

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