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Snake cut off or an unintended co-inhabitant?
Do you have an unwanted fellow-dweller (snake, turtle, lizard) at your home or has a reptile escaped you?

"Whether man or the reptile is more threatened depends on who is more toxic (biting) by both"
Something to my person:
I have been used to dealing with snakes and other reptiles since I was 5 years old. I own toxic and non-poisonous snakes for 48 years and know me with these reptiles so well.
However, before you grab the shovel, if you see a snake, stop for a moment. The killing or intended injuries of a snake is, according to the Swiss animal welfare law for the preservation of the animal world, an offense. In addition to this legal protection there are also the reptile reptiles like me, which are used for the snakes and other reptiles.
By the way, reptiles are an important link in the food chain. They ensure the control of rat and mouse populations.
So what is the secret of a peaceful cohabitation with snakes?
Very simple - avoid them, but do not kill them. Call me by mobile:  if you want to get rid of the unwanted roommate. Do not go to the snake, but watch the reptile from the distance!
Do not believe the widespread rumor that snakes are insanely fast. In fact, a snake is not faster than about 10 km / h. Even the ordinary Otto consumer can easily run away from a snake if he gets a sudden adrenaline rush with loud fear.
You can also send me an email if you have seen a snake and do not know exactly what it is (a photo would be very helpful).

I would also like to answer your questions about snakes. "Attention" only Email:

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